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  • KV Wood

Working Remotely? Why not Work from the Atlantic City Shore!

Universities are converting to 100% on-line programs, companies are making remote positions permanent, and parents have added “teacher” to their list of responsibilities.

Enter cabin fever.

For a while, it was convenient not having to rush out the door first thing in the morning - then reality set in. You’re with all of your people, every day, in the same shared space, with minimal outside interaction or change of scenery. Even without social distancing requirements, the work/life balance is a common struggle, and stepping into a new space can help everyone re-group.

If you’re working from home or your children recently became on-line learners, why not work from the shore? When distractions are low, productivity increases, and, at the end of a workday, there’s no place like the beach to get you back to baseline. We've got your #vitaminsea

High-speed internet is in all of our homes and apartments, and we hope our cleanliness promise and adherence to strict guidelines will put you at ease.

October is a perfect time to be at the shore. The water is still very warm, so we stay cozier than the cities, and our accommodations provide the necessities and comforts of home so you won’t skip a beat in work or school routines. September weekdays are still available for that perfect “staycation” and escape from cabin fever.

Contact us with any questions - we're happy to help. Come to the shore and be our guest!


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