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  • Sandy Costanzo

Fun Facts, The AC Parade, and Clovers for Good Luck!

"Spirited" Fun Facts you don't need to know, but not a bad way to start the day:

The "spirit" of St Patrick's Day

  • ranked the 3rd "booziest holiday" in the U.S., behind Mardi Gras and New Year's Eve.

  • spirit sales increase by 153%

Go Big or Go Home

  • NYC's St Patrick's Day parade is 6 hours long (twice as long as their Thanksgiving Day parade)

  • It takes 40 lbs of dye to keep the Chicago River green for a day or two; 100 lbs to keep the river flowing green for a week.

Dear Valued Guests,

I appreciate recipes at the beginning of an article, so I needed to return the favor. I hope this note finds everyone well in the new year. St Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and Atlantic City likes to celebrate! Our 35th annual parade will take place March 12th - 1 o'clock "ish" on our world-famous boardwalk. If you're planning a night or weekend out, be our guest (and be in walking distance of all things fun) for a lively (and safe) holiday.

For more event information and a few more fun facts to share at dinner, click the page below. And we hope to see you soon!

In love and 4-leaf clover luck,



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